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KARIM & KARIM is an innovative brand that exemplifies to promote EDUCATION programmes. The consulting services focus on aiding and facilitating the recruitment of international students to Universities and Colleges worldwide. Our team includes seasoned Consultants and competent professionals. 

The Company conceptualizes a start-to-finish plan to provide market intelligence. Our Marketing Consulting experts integrate a comprehensive, systematic student application procedure through an organized internet marketing platform and easy to use professional web tools. Educational resources and excellent customer service support are our biggest assets to promote our partner institution’s programs. 

We endeavor to provide service to Education Management companies and Institutions of Higher Learning (Universities and Colleges)

Why We Promote Only UK?

The quality of the United Kingdom

The quality of the United Kingdom higher education is widely recognized throughout the world. British institutions figure prominently in the rankings of the Financial Times and Times Higher and in the European Report on Science and Technologies published by the European Commission.

Each year, The UK makes massive investments in education and research. In fact, education is the largest category of government spending, accounting for more than 20% of the budget.

The UK is a composition of 4 countries whose metropolitan territory is located in Western End of Europe and also comprises of various overseas islands, territories located in other continents.

The United Kingdom is a democracy that is organized as a unitary semi-presidential republic. It is a developed country with a 4th largest economy in the world.

Britain is the world’s 2nd leading host country for higher education with more than 500000 international students.


Rezaul Karim , Regional Manager

University of South Wales